All-Pro Title
All-Pro Title

Who is Bart Oates ?

When you think of Bart Oates and his professional career as an athlete and attorney, two words come to mind: Reliability and Excellence. These are the very same qualities he brings to All-Pro Title.

Bart Oates, Esq. is one of the few players in NFL history to have played in and won three Super Bowls. As an All-Pro center for the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers, Bart Oates has never taken an off-season during or after his 12-year football career. While attending Seton Hall Law School, Bart was also starring for the powerhouse NY Giants championship teams of 1986 and 1990. He won the Giants Offensive Team MVP award in 1990. Bart was a perennial All-Pro and is one of the few players in history to never miss a game in his entire NFL career. Bart retired in 1995 as an All-Pro playing his last professional game at the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Bart graduated from Brigham Young University in 1983 and in addition to being an All-American he also won the Cougar Club's Memorial Scholarship Award as a junior. Before he signed with the Giants, he also won 2 championships with the USFL.

Bart is co-founder and General Counsel to All-Pro Title Group, LLC. which has been providing quality and comprehensive title service to lawyers and lenders in New Jersey and New York.

Please feel free to contact Bart directly and schedule a meeting to discuss All-Pro Title and let our TEAMWORK for you!