All-Pro Title
All-Pro Title

Attorney Closing Assistance Program (ACAP)

The All-Pro(ACAP) option allows the attorney and/or paralegal to remain in complete control of their closings while outsourcing as little or as much as they like. The many details of real estate closings can be a significant drain on your revenues. We can handle all the tedious settlement functions, while you simply review the contract, inspection reports and attend the closing. Both large firms and small are saving significant time and money by using the ACAP to grow their practice.

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Settlement Agent Services:
* Arrange for title searches and insurance
* Prepare a computerized HUD 1 Settlement Statement showing the detail of the settlement
* Arrange for a survey
* Obtain payoff figures from seller's mortgage holder
* Order flood certification
* Coordinate the settlement date with all parties
* File the Notice of Settlement
* Record legal documents with the County
* Conduct the settlement at our office
* Send recorded Deed and title Policy to you after the settlement
* Prepare the Buyer's Affidavit of Title
* Present all mortgage documents to Buyer at settlement
* Disburse all funds at settlement in accordance with the HUD 1 Settlement Statement and lenders instruction
* Prepare all loan documentation
* Review Seller's Deed, Seller's Affidavit of Title and prepare and file IRS Tax Form 1099
* Provide copies of all documents to Buyer
* Notarize all Settlement Documents
* Send post-closing documents to the lender